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//bulk, bridge, calculate, commission, competitive, depend, entertain, exceptionally, exclude, favorable, indicate, loss, depend on, out of line with

bulk - 大量

Bulk refers to a large quantity or mass of something. It can be used to describe the size, volume, or weight of an object or substance.

bridge - 桥梁

A bridge is a structure that is built to span a physical obstacle, such as a river or a valley, in order to provide a passage for people, vehicles, or trains.

calculate - 计算

To calculate means to determine or estimate a numerical value or result by using mathematical methods or formulas. It involves performing mathematical operations to find a solution or answer.

commission - 佣金

A commission is a fee or percentage that is paid to a person or organization as compensation for facilitating a transaction or providing a service. It is commonly used in sales or real estate transactions.

competitive - 竞争的

Competitive means involving or characterized by competition or rivalry. It describes a situation or environment where multiple individuals or entities are vying for the same goal or advantage.

depend - 依赖

To depend means to rely on or be influenced by something or someone. It indicates the need for support, guidance, or assistance from another entity.

entertain - 娱乐

To entertain means to provide enjoyment, amusement, or diversion to oneself or others. It involves engaging in activities or providing performances that are enjoyable or interesting.

exceptionally - 非常地

Exceptionally means to a greater degree or extent than usual or expected. It suggests that something is extraordinary, remarkable, or uncommonly good.

exclude - 排除

To exclude means to deliberately leave out or prevent someone or something from being included or considered. It implies the act of keeping something separate or apart from the rest.

favorable - 有利的

Favorable means advantageous, beneficial, or helpful. It suggests that a particular condition, situation, or outcome is favorable or conducive to achieving a desired result or goal.

indicate - 表明

To indicate means to show, suggest, or demonstrate something. It involves providing evidence, signs, or signals that convey a particular meaning or message.

loss - 损失

Loss refers to the act or instance of losing something, whether it be a possession, an opportunity, or a person. It represents a negative or unfavorable outcome or result.

depend on - 依赖于

To depend on means to rely on or be influenced by something or someone. It suggests that the success, outcome, or availability of something is contingent upon the support or presence of another entity.

out of line with - 与...不一致

Out of line with means not in accordance or agreement with something. It suggests that there is a discrepancy, inconsistency, or deviation from a particular standard or expectation.


  1. The store offers discounts for buying in bulk.
  2. The ship was carrying a bulk cargo of grain.
  3. We need to transfer the items from the bulk storage area.


  1. The bridge connects the two sides of the river.
  2. We need to cross the bridge to get to the other side.
  3. The old bridge was replaced with a new one.


  1. I need to calculate the total cost of the project.
  2. The computer program can calculate complex equations.
  3. Make sure to calculate the correct amount of ingredients for the recipe.


  1. The artist received a commission to paint a portrait.
  2. The real estate agent will earn a commission from the sale of the house.
  3. The company pays a commission to its sales representatives.


  1. The company operates in a highly competitive industry.
  2. The athlete is known for being highly competitive.
  3. The company offers competitive prices for its products.


  1. The success of the project depends on the team's collaboration.
  2. The decision will depend on the results of the investigation.
  3. The outcome depends on various factors.


  1. The host will entertain the guests with live music.
  2. The comedian will entertain the audience with jokes.
  3. The television show is designed to entertain viewers.


  1. The food at this restaurant is exceptionally delicious.
  2. The student's performance on the test was exceptionally good.
  3. The athlete is exceptionally talented.


  1. The invitation specifically excludes children.
  2. The policy excludes certain types of coverage.
  3. The restaurant menu excludes gluten-free options.


  1. The weather forecast is favorable for our outdoor event.
  2. The company received a favorable review from a prominent critic.
  3. The negotiations resulted in a favorable outcome for both parties.


  1. The study indicates a strong correlation between the two variables.
  2. The traffic sign indicates that you must yield to oncoming traffic.
  3. The thermometer indicates a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.


  1. The company suffered a significant financial loss.
  2. The loss of a loved one is never easy to bear.
  3. The team experienced a loss in the championship game.

depend on:

  1. Whether we go on a picnic or not will depend on the weather.
  2. The success of the project will depend on the team's effort.
  3. The availability of the product will depend on the supplier's delivery.

out of line with:

  1. The employee's behavior was out of line with the company's values.
  2. The price increase is out of line with the current market trends.
  3. The proposal is out of line with the project's objectives.

//Title: The Factors Influencing Business Success

In the dynamic world of business, there are various factors that can greatly impact the success of a company. Today, we will explore some key words related to business operations and decision-making. Understanding these terms is essential for achieving favorable outcomes and maintaining a competitive edge.

One important factor to consider is "bulk." This refers to the quantity or volume of goods or materials. When purchasing in bulk, companies can often receive discounts or lower prices, leading to cost savings. It is crucial to calculate the costs and benefits of buying in bulk to make informed decisions.

Another crucial aspect is "commission." This is a percentage or fee paid to a salesperson or agent for their services in generating business. Commission structures can vary, and it is important to design a competitive and fair commission plan to motivate and reward salespeople.

Business success also depends on being competitive in the market. It is important to stay updated on market trends and consumer demands, and to adjust pricing and strategies accordingly. Being exceptionally competitive can give a company an edge over its rivals.

When making decisions, it is essential to exclude any biases or personal preferences. Objectivity is key in ensuring fair and rational choices. Furthermore, it is important to indicate any potential risks or losses that might arise from certain decisions, and to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Another factor that can greatly influence business success is the alignment of decisions with the company's goals and values. If decisions are out of line with the company's mission or vision, it can lead to confusion and lack of direction.

Lastly, businesses often depend on reliable and trustworthy partners or suppliers. Building strong relationships and entertaining mutually beneficial collaborations is crucial for long-term success.

In conclusion, achieving business success requires a deep understanding of various factors. Whether it's calculating costs, designing competitive commission plans, or making decisions that align with company goals, these factors play a vital role in achieving favorable outcomes. So, take the time to analyze and consider these factors, and make informed decisions to ensure the continued success of your business.





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